Become a member

The A.M.S.A is always accepting new members to help us fight for beach access.  To join you can either print out the form and mail it in with your payment of $35, Or you may now join via Paypal. When joining we expect all members to uphold our code of ethics, which is stated below and in our club handbook.

  Code Of Ethics

​1.  To Enter and leave beaches in prescribed ways.

2.  To eliminate speeding and reckless driving and observe the posted speed limits at all times and observe a speed limit of not more than 15 miles per hour when approaching other vehicles or pedestrians.

3.  To respect local, state, and national ordinances and the right of property owners, particularly in regard to camping.

4.  To offer aid to fisherman or buggy owner in trouble on the beach.

5.  To respect picnicking and bathing groups by (a) avoiding them whenever possible and (b) slowing to minimum speed when passing picnicking or bathing groups.

6.  To avoid littering the beach with trash, beer cans, etc. by using trash barrels when available, or by removing from beach.

7.  To leave no dead fish or bait of any kind above the high water mark. Throw dead fish and bait back into the surf where they will be found by gulls and scavengers.

8.  To use public toilets when available or self-contained units owned by the members or other and to refrain at all times from using any portion of the public beach for toliet purposes.

9.  To avoid overcrowding of any one area and elbowing other fishermen out of their own chosen spots. This is particularly important where fishermen without buggies are concentrated.

10. To leave the track when a halt is made, so that other buggies will not be forced to detour.

11. To fill in holes after getting stuck, and to avoid indiscriminately criss-crossing tracks.

12. To observe the rules of common courtesy on the beach.

Membership Fee for first year is $35 dollars and $25 dollars every year after.  By our by-laws all new members are voted in at our monthly board of directors meeting, held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Only after the member is voted in, that they will be assigned a number and provided a tag and registration.